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Demo of the three voices in “Text to Speech for Video 1.3″

Added by 7 months ago

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I created a video to briefly showcase the three text-to-speech voices from my open source project "Text to Speech for Video". This was also my first time using Muvizu Play Plus, which I found very easy to use for the ...

a Dog called Mr. Wrinkles

Added by 9 months ago

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The first episode of my new web toon series Mr. Wrinkles

Nobody Likes Flies

Added by 1 year ago

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Flies that live in the oldtown of Vilnius, Lithuania.

Alien With a Gun

Added by 3 years ago

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My Alien friend trying to figure out what is wrong with his gun. Animation and camera tracking were both done in Blender.

3d Stickman Fight

Added by 3 years ago

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3d Stickman Fight on the top of a building roof top. Made with Blender.


Added by 3 years ago

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Your one stop IT needs. This is an animation we created for Blender was used for the animation.

Sweet Granny’s Day out

Added by 3 years ago

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A story of a granny

Twelve A.M.

Added by 3 years ago

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At the stroke of midnight, strange things begin to happen...

Tommy Robot and the Haunted Fun house

Added by 3 years ago

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Something old and something new. This is the final cut of all three parts of my "Haunted Fun house" micro-trilogy. I changed the music and fixed some things I didn't like in the original one minute shorts. © & ™...

Orwellian Doublespeak and Being Barack Obama

Added by 2 years ago

912 Views0 Comments Doublespeak: evasive, ambiguous, high-flown language intended to deceive or confuse.

Wiredude Willy

Added by 3 years ago

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A wire and clay person dances around to music and sound effects in this short (19 second) stop motion experiment.

Minty Mint Tea

Added by 3 years ago

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